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Convert your conservatory into a home office!

Home improvements and remote working have surged across the country. Families are looking for more living space as well as a practical working space in their homes. Now more than ever converting your conservatory into an office to assist you working from home is one of the most popular choices, and for good reason.

Conservatories present a prime development opportunity within your home. There are also fantastic Eco-Hybrid insulation possibilities for you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills. Let’s explore the facts for you to gain maximum benefits from living and working from home.

Did you know conservatories are among the most under-used spaces in the home?

Undoubtedly the main reason for this is insulation. Conservatories or orangeries are notoriously too warm in summer and freezing cold in winter. The large area of glass extending from the roof that defines a conservatory is not as difficult to insulate as you may think. Insulation repels excess heat in the summer and retains internal heat in the winter, while still allowing natural light to pour into the room. You save money on your bills, plus enjoy lots of natural light which makes for ideal workspace conditions.

Conservatory roof insulation works wonders for you to reclaim extra living space from your home, and enables you to have a wonderful home office without breaking your budget. One of the great features of conservatories is they are designed to be a multi-purpose area. You can operate as a living space during the day and easily function as a home office during quieter periods. One of the main things you need to check for is power sources. Think of your computer, printer, table lamps, monitor and TV screens, and of course, the all import charge points for your devices and phones.

Once you have your power sockets sorted, you can turn your attention to the actual insulation. Let’s focus on Eco-Hybrid insulation.

The way conservatory roof insulation functions is as a series of multiple layers installed inside the roof. This includes your glass or polycarbonate roof. The eco-hybrid insulation mimics your existing roof design, tracing along its underside so you won’t experience a loss of ceiling height or altered roof shape. It’s safer and faster to install than fibreglass which is noticeably larger than your eco-hybrid insulation. A brilliant benefit from eco-hybrid insulation is the sun is no longer able to penetrate and cause any damage.

Eco-hybrid insulation is exceptional for regulating the temperature inside your conservatory, as well as blocking out unwanted noise, particularly things like rain on polycarbonate or glass roofs. Not to mention the significant savings you will make on your energy bills, and the value you will add to your home’s worth. A quiet comfortable space is perfect for family living and ideal for a home office. If you consider what you and your family will gain from being able to use your conservatory properly, and the gains to be made by working from home, your eco-hybrid conservatory roof insulation becomes a wise investment.

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