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Conservatory Roof Insulation in Just One Day!

Living in the Manchester & Cheshire area and looking for a reputable local company to insulate your conservatory roof?

Looking to make your conservatory useable all year round?

Wondering how much does it cost to insulate your conservatory roof?

Interested in how your conservatory roof can be insulated in just 1 day?

Stay warm in winter, cool in summer and save energy, with our quick, easy and cost effective Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation.

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Start using your conservatory all year round

Conservatory Roof Insulation Interior

Conservatory Roof Insulation in Just One Day

Stay warm in winter, cool in summer and save energy, with our quick, easy and cost effective Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation.

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Insulating a conservatory roof can be the most cost-effective way to make your conservatory more usable all year round.

Eco Hybrid is an internal conservatory insulation product, meaning there is no need to remove or replace the existing roof. It is an ultra light weight internally fitted insulated false ceiling that utilises the same insulation that is used to line aircrafts and sound recording studios. It is preferred among homeowners due to its thin profile, so you don’t lose any noticeable ceiling height. We then finish the internal ceiling in uPVC cladding and use a heat reflective film to disguise the insulation from outside.

Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling will ensure you can enjoy your conservatory all year round. Our quick 1-day installation, our 10 year guarantee and national UK coverage makes it an easy choice when comparing; convenience, cost, energy savings and quality.

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Our Eco Hybrid conservatory roof insulation will not only keep the room cool in the summer by reducing glare from the sun, it will also keep the room warm during the winter months by saving up to 98% of heat loss compared to an existing polycarbonate or glass roof. Eco Hybrid will additionally solve the most common problems conservatory owners encounter, such as; overheating in the summer, freezing temperatures in the winter, faded furniture, wilting plants, glare from the sun and excessive noise when it rains.

If the cost of completely replacing your conservatory roof to gain the benefits of all year round use does not make financial sense to you, then Eco Hybrid is the answer. For more design and aesthetic options, our 4 Seasons Conservatory Roof Tiled System may be better suited.

What are the benefits of insulating your
conservatory roof?

There are approximately 10 million conservatories in the UK in an array of styles, including Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-to and P-Shaped. The vast majority of these have a polycarbonate or glass roof. Which even with a new conservatory roof, are extremely poor insulators. As a conservatory owner you are already aware of the downsides, here, are some of the benefits of Eco Hybrid:

Stay cool in the summer

You can now comfortably enjoy sitting in your conservatory on a sunny afternoon. The insulating material has a reflective foil shell, this highly reflective barrier will help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. To achieve a cooler living space the insulating material works by reflecting excess solar heat away, in fact it has proven to reflect 98% of solar radiation.

Drastically reduce rain noise

As well as the thermal properties gained from the Eco Hybrid system, the added benefit of significantly reducing noise levels is another bonus. The layered insulated material and air pockets within, drastically reduce the amount of sound that is able to break into the conservatory interior. Additionally the PVC cladding layer that finishes off the ceiling inside, adds even more protection from sound infiltration.

Retain heat in the winter

Most heat escapes through the roof. Our unique insulation is a composite of inert materials contained within a performance-enhancing reflective foil shell. In the winter it will reflect the cold back outside and it will bounce the heat from inside back into your conservatory, this creates a warmer and cosier living space for you to enjoy.

Prevent annoying glare from the sun

Stop the sun glare on TVs and PCs. Eco Hybrid insulation is professionally installed on the underside of your existing conservatory roof, the sun glare is completely eliminated from overhead leaving plenty of natural light coming in from the windows.


Reduce your energy bills

You pay additional money every year on heating & even air conditioning costs. With these expenses mounting year-on-year, alongside the investment you’ve already spent on installing your conservatory, it’s hard to justify not using this space all year round.

Start using your conservatory room more and all year round!


To help our customers finance the cost of insulating their conservatory roof, we have 2 personal finance options to help you achieve your dream home.

3 or 9 months deferred payments then spread the cost over 10 years

Why choose the, Your Choice, Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation.

Our Eco Hybrid insulation offers an investment solution to turn your unused conservatory into a room you’ll want to use every day. That creates a place that’s not only cooler in summer but warmer in winter! Using our experience and unique methods we have developed a new and improved conservatory roof insulation product that has been methodically tested and proven under stringent UK laboratory conditions.

Start enjoying your space now, and add to the resale value of your home.

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Why choose, Your Choice?

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We are official accredited national installers for the DGCOS Ombudsman Scheme

Your Choice is committed to providing the best solutions to you, the customer. We have collaborated directly with a leading manufacturer, using our knowledge and experience to develop a unique system to finally solve the problem for homeowners to effectively, comfortably and financially enjoy all year round use of their conservatories.

Our cutting edge insulation system offers so much more benefits than many existing products available on the market. The superior thin insulating material is inspired by material used for aircraft insulation. We can boast an exclusive product only available to Your Choice customers.

Your Choice is a family run business and as well as the practical properties our solutions provide, we’re dedicated to creating usable, enjoyable and safe spaces, you and your family will love and benefit from for years to come. Eco Hybrid will create a light, modern and airy interior for your conservatory; that we can typically install in just one day! The insulation reduces rain noise, as it shares similar properties to the materials used in recording studio’s sound insulation. An additional safety benefit is that our insulation is highly flame retardant.

With “Your Choice” we are with you every step of the way, from the initial conversation, through to the delivery, construction, and finally completion. We manage and guide you through the entire process, there’s no middlemen or sub-contractors. Our process allows for minimal disruption which in this industry is a unique solution that we are proud to offer our customers.

Conservatory Roof Installation Case Study

We install conservatory roof insulation across the North West UK. We’re perfectly positioned to serve our local customers across the North West including the likes of Middleton, Stockport, Oldham, Bury, Lymm, Hale, Wilmslow and Altrincham, to name a few.

Over 10,000 installations completed around the UK

Fill in our quotation form and we will contact you with more information at a time to suit you.

Call us now on
0800 169 4822

We will be happy to casually discuss your options and advise you on what to expect.

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Come visit us, and talk through your extension ideas, we’ll show you what can be achieved.

What our Conservatory Roof Insulation customers say..

Conservatory Roof insulation in Spalding, Lincolnshire

“A faultless experience from start to finish, exactly what you hope for when using a company you’ve not used before. The initial contact Eric was helpful and honest, price very fair, quick fitting date, fitters professional, polite and obviously experts in their field. My conservatory was left clean and tidy with a wonderful new insulated roof. Very happy to recommend this company based on my experience.”

Nanette Chapman

Conservatory Roof insulation in Glossop, Bolton

“We had a replacement roof to our conservatory and two windows removed and fitted with new double glazed windows. The staff worked very hard in poor weather conditions. They were very friendly and completed the work to a very high standard on time and tidied up every day. They turned up for work before 0800 each day and are a credit to the company. We would definitely have Your Choice home improvement again and we highly recommend this company to anyone.”

Sonia Crossley

Conservatory Roof insulation in Glossop, Derbyshire

“From initial consultation by Eric to the installation of my conservatory roof insulation everything was done in a very professional manner. Fitters arrived on time, they were courteous and polite and did an excellent job fitting the insulation. They ensured I was happy with the finished product before removing their equipment and left the conservatory clean and tidy. I would recommend Your Choice very highly.”

Phil Hartney

Locations we serve

We can supply and install our Garden Room products nationally across mainland UK. Based in Manchester, our headquarter showrooms are ideally positioned to serve the North West region including Manchester & Cheshire. However we have distribution hubs and fitters positioned nationally to ensure we can professionally and affordably offer our Garden Room systems to all.

Conservatory roof insulation FAQs

Our Eco Hybrid insulation is designed to eliminate the need for thick, bulky fibreglass insulation. Instead, this new insulation is a composite of inert materials contained within a performance-enhancing reflective foil shell. The installation follows the contours of your existing roof, so you don’t lose any noticeable height from your ceiling.

In short, no. Our unique system has been painstakingly developed for this in mind. It is an ultra light weight internally fitted system that does not intrude or compromise your existing conservatory roof.

1-day…. Yes, you read that right. Amazingly, most Eco Hybrid jobs are completed within one day. The interior ceiling section comes pre-finished, this reduces the time taken from start to completion considerably and that has allowed us to offer our unique system nationally.

Our Eco Hybrid internal roof solution is designed to be both efficient and affordable. Prices start from £1,995.

Replacing an existing polycarbonate or glass roof with an insulated solid roof will cost in the region of £15,000. For more design and aesthetic options we have perfected the design of a lightweight tiled conservatory roof with our established Four Seasons Conservatory Tiled Roof System.

Yes, Absolutely. A glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof invites the sun’s rays into the room and magnifies the heat. This raises the temperature and traps the heat within the conservatory.

Our Eco Hybrid insulated system creates a direct barrier between the heat outside, and the space inside. The insulating material has a reflective foil shell, in fact it has been proven to reflect 98% of solar radiation. If direct sunlight cannot pass the conservatory roof insulation, you will not suffer from the greenhouse effect of heat building up.

No, in fact, all conservatories are exempt from building regulation approval. There will be no need for additional structural work on your existing conservatory ceiling.

As part of the installation service we do a full survey to check your conservatory for external problems or leaks. If any problems are found we will alert you to the issues and advise on remedies before even beginning the insulation process.

Foam filled insulation is for old houses with slate roofs, they traditionally are not in a felted membrane, which makes the space feel cold and damp. Foam spray insulation products are not recommended for conservatories.

Quilted insulation can be bought on a roll at most insulation suppliers. It was designed to accompany thick insulation as an extra barrier for house roofs or timber houses. Other companies do use it as the main product to resolve the hit to cold problems with conservatories but it does not achieve the same U-value as the Eco Hybrid or offer the same additional thermal and safety benefits. Eco Hybrid is bespoke and is 100% inert, it cannot burn. We have made the centre of the insulation a special padding similar to that used for soundproof studios for added sound reduction. Our insulation can reflect 98% both ways, keeping the sun out, and keeping heat in during winter. We have had our insulation laboratory tested with all types of polycarbonate and glass, to achieve the best result in the marketplace.

External clad overs should only be done if the existing roof is strong enough to carry the extra weight. We advise against this type of solution and would lead you to our insulated solid roof system, Four Seasons Conservatory Tiled Roof System.

Our internal insulation system,  Eco Hybrid, is light and has been specifically engineered to offer our customers a much more affordable way to insulate their conservatory and still gain most of the benefits of a new roof. Even the tongue & groove maintenance free ceiling is hollowed out in the middle, meaning there’s very little weight added.

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