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Why should you insulate your conservatory roof before the summer

When we think of conservatories we think of enjoying all those sunny days in winter without feeling cold. But in the summer, we also need to be thinking about insulating our conservatory, but this time from that hot sunshine! Here are some reasons why you may need to think about insulating your conservatory roof before the summer arrives and ways to remedy it.


The summer sun can get quite hot and if your conservatory has a polycarbonate or a glass roof then the summer heat can intensify to such a degree that you will not be able to enjoy your conservatory. So before those lazy days of summer arrive, now is the time to think about some home improvements and maybe contact your local conservatory company to discuss your options regarding keeping your conservatory enjoyable during the summer months.


One easy fix is to ask a blind or conservatory company to install fitted blinds or an awning. These can close off the sunniest part of the conservatory and then later on when the day begins to cool, you can open them again or leave them closed to conserve the warmth in the conservatory.

Cooling Film

An affordable way of deflecting the sun at its hottest is to apply a layer of cooling film. This will deflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays and keep your conservatory cooler. It is probably one of the most inexpensive options to deflecting the sun’s rays, but is only a temporary fix as the film will itself succumb to those hot rays over time.


When the summer is at its warmest, and you are thinking of outdoor entertaining, remember it is a good idea to manage the ventilation in the conservatory. Open some windows and perhaps the doors too to let out overheated air and give a cooling draught to the conservatory. You can also bring in a cooling fan. There are many on the market that incorporates a water reservoir, which will effectively cool the air for your guests.


If you have tried most of the above ideas then it might be time to ask your local conservatory firm to advise you. It may be that your conservatory is in a particularly sunny area that attracts the maximum sunlight. Although this might be a problem in the summer, in the winter it is a real asset for your home to be able to sit somewhere and enjoy the sunlight. However, it might be that you need a thorough investigation of your current roofing materials just to ensure that they are adequate for your needs, and to establish the location of your conservatory. A better-insulated conservatory roof will also give you more soundproofing when it is raining for example, and be more energy efficient in the long run.

Why not look at the possibilities of conservatory roof insulation, which is a cheaper more affordable option for most, or if you the four seasons tiled roofs are a great investment to maximise the efficiency of your conservatory.

So if you have a conservatory but find it difficult to enjoy in the summer months because it gets too hot, then maybe it is time to think about doing some remedial work before the summer arrives. That way you can be sure to get the full enjoyment of your conservatory, without the drawbacks of the summer heat that can build up in a conservatory without adequate insulation.

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