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What are the benefits of a garden room?

Conservatories and garden rooms used to places you could only enjoy in the summer, but thanks to modern insulation techniques like our eco hybrid conservatory insulation, this is no longer true.

With insulated walls, cavity ceilings, raised floors, double glazing and conservatory roof insulation, you can retain all the benefits of the sun in summer and still have energy efficiency in winter. Even those of us who have inherited a single-glazed, concrete-floored, flat-packed conservatory from earlier decades can do much to improve them.

With modern construction methods, materials and furnishings, garden space can be more versatile than ever before. All home improvements, whether orangeries, conservatories, attached extensions, detached home offices or decking, add to the value of your property.

Office or studio space

Now that more and more of us are home-working, a leading motive for extending our homes is to create a separate office space.

As many of us soon discover, both the home and work productivity suffer in the absence of a suitably designed and allocated space. Dedicated workspaces are more professional if clients visit and give you a superb, productivity-boosting view of the garden while you work.

Bigger brighter living space

Additional sunny living space remains the leading benefit for most homeowners. Conservatories are luxurious places in which to relax, not only in summer months but also in winter. With draught-proof doors and windows, conservatories warm quickly when the sun breaks through, even if there is snow on the ground. You can take advantage of all that light to paint or enjoy other creative crafts.

Additional rooms are also an opportunity to create a safer space for younger children and a semi-private one for your teens to entertain in. You won’t have to listen to their choice of TV programs, music or computer games and they’ll be at least one step closer to the garden and fresh outdoor air.

If you’re content to make the most use of your space in summer months, another option in vogue these days is the open-air room. By building good quality decking next to full height glazing, you can effectively double the size of your current living room space, both visually and functionally. You can coordinate furnishings and install identical composite flooring in both indoor and outdoor areas. On wetter days you can still retain its functionality with an awning.

More garden!

For garden lovers, the greatest advantage of a garden room is, of course, the garden itself. Extending your home into the garden can increase your use of the garden rather than diminish it. You’ll be able to enjoy your plants all the time instead of having to take a garden tour just to see them at all.

Your new bright and insulated space is also a great place to grow types of plants you’ve never tried before. With modern design and materials, garden spaces can be far more economical to keep heated through winter months than greenhouses and certainly a lot more comfortable to relax in.

Modern materials

It is professional design and modern materials that make all of this possible. Whether you prefer a construction made of timber, brick or an all-glass room there are ways to keep it warm and dry without squandering money on excessive energy consumption.

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