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Top reasons why should have a conservatory

One of the most popular property enhancements available is the conservatory, providing a bright, welcoming space that both the family and visitors to the home can enjoy.

Increase your property value with a conservatory

Most conservatories will increase the value of your property significantly, so long as you avoid a few common pitfalls. Here at Your Choice, we have enlisted the expertise of a trusted professional who has provided us with an array of practical recommendations to ensure your conservatory will add to, not detract from, your property’s desirability.

Firstly, you must ensure that you maintain a good ratio of conservatory/garden space, as ample garden space is a key feature that many prospective buyers are looking for. It is also important that your conservatory looks aesthetically pleasing, so avoid dated features such as ceiling fans.

Ventilation is an extremely relevant concern given the current health climate, so make sure that you fit several opening windows to allow fresh air in. To maximise the space’s potential use ensure it is able to be heated, cosy underfloor heating is a great option.

Enhance your lifestyle with a conservatory

There are so many potential uses for these versatile spaces that will really enhance your lifestyle. For those with growing families, they can provide a dedicated area that is perfect for both everyday uses and for when children have playdates with their friends. It can also function as a second reception room for hosting grown-up visitors or as a dining room. The views across your garden can serve as both a soothing focal point and conversation starter.

Understanding the differences between conservatories and orangeries

Emerging in the 17th century, orangeries are the older sister to the more modern conservatory. As the name suggests they were originally used to grow citrus fruits. They are close in design to a traditional extension, with brick bases, large windows and sturdy glass lantern rooves. Orangeries are better insulated than conservatories due to the heavy-duty materials used to make them. They best suit listed and heritage properties.

However, they are more costly to install, provide much less light and give a more limited view of your garden. Conservatories are much more affordable, with options to suit a wide range of budgets.

Sourcing a conservatory company near me

To make the right choice for your home you need a local conservatory company that understands there is no one-size-fits-all option. At Your Choice, our motto is ‘Your Home, Your Choice’. We will work with you, taking into consideration factors such as the direction that your garden faces, the size of your garden and how you would like to use the space, giving you a custom design that suits both your home and your taste.

If you already have a conservatory that you are dissatisfied with, we will happily replace your roof to give it a fresh look and new lease of life.

Take inspiration from our showrooms

To really help you envisage how a conservatory could look in your home before you take the plunge, visit one of our showrooms based in Manchester. This could also inspire your interior design choices, introducing you to some of the more creative ways these versatile spaces can be used and decorated.

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