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Keep a work & home life balance with a garden room office

Over the past decade, the number of people working from home across the UK has more than doubled. Working from home is a fantastic opportunity, but the risk of burnout is real. Experience has taught us an essential ingredient to success is separating work commitments from life at home. Home improvements across the country have also soared, as we focus on gaining living space and spending more quality time together. There’s never been a better time to investigate gaining workspace as well as living space for your household.

Installing a garden room home office is a stylish, practical and surprisingly affordable solution for many families grappling with the realities of working from home. A garden home office is a freestanding building ranging in dimensions from 2.5m by 2m, to over 10m in width. Forget any images you have of rickety old garden sheds. There is a fantastic range of ingenious styles, sizes and options for you to choose from. Some garden rooms are spectacular cubes boasting every modern convenience you could dream of, while others reflect rustic charm. The choice is yours.

The immediate benefits of installing a garden room as your home office cannot be underestimated. We work better without distraction. Leaving your home to work in a separate building located in your garden insulates you from the bustling chaos of your household. You save money on transport costs and the time it takes to travel to work. A garden room office also enables you to take conference calls, video meetings and host professional meetings without interrupting the flow of life at home.

Depending on the size of garden you have available, you can also choose a slightly larger garden room that can host your craft and hobby projects, or simply be a tranquil space for members of the family to unwind away from everyone else to catch up on reading or quieter activities.

The great news is garden rooms are considered approved development so you don’t need planning permission before you begin. You can steam ahead with installing your garden room and get to work in a quieter, more professional environment with virtually no delay. A garden room’s structural framework features bespoke foundation fittings that mean they can be erected quickly, often in a matter of days. They are significantly cheaper than planning a home extension, and as we mentioned there are now a charming variety of garden room styles and sizes to suit every household budget.

Working from home is a wonderful way for you to succeed professionally and spend more time with your family, without being dependent on a traditional work environment. Many of us are opting to start their own businesses, offer freelance services and consulting. Most office roles consider working from home as part of the employment package. A garden room home office is an ingenious option that gives you a professional edge, adds value to the worth of your home and gives you a better quality of life with your family.

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