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If ever there was a time to invest in a garden office, it’s now!

From home renovation trends to interior design style secrets, the garden office looms large as everyone’s favourite home improvement.

A garden office improves work-from-home conditions and nourishes a better work/life balance. This is a fantastic investment whether you are considering a conservatory conversion or a free-standing contemporary design.

There has never been a better time to invest in a garden office. Here’s why:

It’s Cost Effective!

Aside from significant savings on the commute to work, a garden office is surprisingly cheap to run. From a construction perspective, garden office installations offer double glazing, helping to reduce those energy bills even further. For self-employed and small business owners, a garden office is a savvy way to slash overheads. Further, if your business is VAT registered, discuss your offset options with your accountant. Some choose to scoop up selected installation costs and claim those. Others find fiscal sense in the household charging the garden office rent.

It’s faster.

A garden office installation is completed in a fraction of the time of home conversions or extensions. Garden offices are freestanding, self-contained living space solutions. There is no planning permission required and even the most luxurious garden office model is cheaper than you think. You can design, build and style a gorgeous garden office in the time it takes to lodge planning permission with your local council.

Inside-outside living

Speaking of styling, garden offices are favourites for the inside-outside design trend taking interiors by storm. This interior design trend extends the design aesthetics from the main house into the garden office space and beyond. Some households use the inside-outside trends to create an outdoor entertainment area, such as a cinema under the stars. Extending the comforts of the home to the garden office nurtures wellbeing, which is essential to happy households and efficient working from home.

Garden offices offer focussed multi-purpose spaces.

This idea expands on the classic dining room/home office combination, essentially combining two different functions into one common area. A modern multi-purpose space harnesses the complementary elements of two functions. For instance, installing a garden office as the home office creates an opportunity for a functional, meditative and quiet space the whole household can enjoy. An uncluttered home office is also a great space to read, meditate and practise yoga and other hobbies such as drawing and writing.

Love it or hate it, working and learning from home is part of our ‘new normal’

A dedicated workspace is an essential feature of successful households these days. Cast your eye online and you’ll discover a wealth of ingenious solutions intended to improve that tricky work/life balance. Garden offices deliver an efficient, stylish living solution that celebrates simple core principles.

Working away from the main house is a huge advantage. The act of leaving home to work is entrenched in all of us, and a home office offers a better working environment from the natural surroundings of the garden. Most garden office designs effortlessly blend well with rustic, neutral tones, such as tranquil grey helping accentuate all that luscious garden greenery. A garden office embraces the new way of living and working: deeper contentment, wellbeing and professional success. There has never been a better time to invest in a garden office.

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