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Home improvements for outdoor entertaining

The garden is an invaluable slice of real estate for every homeowner. With so many of us seeking ingenious ways to expand our living areas, outdoor spaces have become the focus of attention.

Our renewed appreciation for home entertaining has increased the demand for elegant and innovative solutions that enable outdoor entertaining all year round. Lucky for us there is plenty to choose from.

Home improvements for outdoor entertaining champion style and ingenuity. From plush all-weather soft furnishings to sophisticated fire pits, everyone is keen to make the most of their time outdoors. Plastic garden furniture is a charming relic, making way for rustic wooden furniture featuring lashings of comfort and style.

Weatherproofing your outdoor space

Weatherproofing is a significant feature of home improvements for outdoor entertaining. From a Pergotex Retractable Roof to a Terrazza pure glass patio roof to a Weinor Plaza Viva retractable veranda, these effortlessly elegant home improvements transform outdoor entertaining. Open-air dining is a firm favourite for many households. It’s an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy being at home. The intention is to amplify our wellbeing and nurture treasured time together.

weinor terrazza pure

Use your space all year round with these solutions

Do you have a medium to large outdoor area you would love to use all year round? Consider installing a retractable courtyard or patio roof. Aside from hardy weatherproofing, the contemporary flowing design delivers an elegant aesthetic and provides sleek outdoor entertaining. The Pergotex is a retractable roof system dependent on external rear structural support (for example, walls work well). The Pergotex helps extend indoor living areas and creates a comfortable and contemporary outdoor entertainment space.

pergotex retractable roof

Stylish solutions

For those of us seeking next-level innovation and style, have a look at the Terrazza Pure glass patio roof. Featuring ultra-contemporary cubic wizardry to help transform your outdoor entertaining experience, Terrazza Pure sets itself apart from other weatherproofing solutions due to its integrated and invisible pitch, glorious aesthetics and robust drainage. It is an ingenious extension of your living area that entices natural light to the patio, enabling all-year-round outdoor entertaining.

Another innovative option to create a comfortable outdoor entertainment area is a pergola. A top tier pergola system is the Weinor Plaza Viva pergola, considered one of the most versatile pergola systems available. Exceptional materials include telescopic posts that provide a superior runoff system for rainwater while maintaining stability. A huge range of colour tones (over 200 at last count) makes the Weinor Plaza Viva pergola one of the most sought after solutions.

Adding an awning, pergola or other outdoor retractable roofing systems will add value and a fantastic aesthetic to your home. Find out as much as you can about the pros and cons of materials, such as the superiority and durability of acrylic fibre. Speak to experienced experts before committing to your home improvement project. Gather recommendations on the best materials to use for your property, as well as information about the quality of the motor being used for your retractable roof. Expanding your living space and providing your household year-round outdoor entertainment is an exciting project, destined to improve everyone’s wellbeing.

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