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Have you ever thought about insulating your conservatory?

Conservatories are an increasingly popular home improvement feature with great potential, but only if they are properly designed, built and insulated. Otherwise, your dream space may become a chilly money-draining nightmare! Here we set out the many, and sometimes surprising, benefits to insulating your conservatory.

Energy efficiency

Much like single-glazed windows, an uninsulated conservatory forces your heating system to work harder and expend more energy to keep your home cosy. Choosing to insulate your conservatory is a highly energy-efficient choice, ensuring that both money and warmth aren’t leaking out of your home. You will also be able to make the most of the daylight with these bright, airy spaces which will reduce your lighting costs.

A protective measure

If preventing warmth from escaping is what comes to mind when you think of insulation, then you are not alone! However, this versatile measure does more than simply conserve heat. Conservatories are sunspots and an uninsulated one can quickly become uncomfortably hot and glaringly sunny. This is where an insulated conservatory roof comes in, limiting the amount of sunlight, and keeping your conservatory cool and protecting your furniture, sensitive plants and textiles from UV damage. Too much sunlight can cause expensive materials like leather, a popular choice for armchairs and sofas, to dry, crack and for their colour to lose their vibrancy.

Subtle soundproofing

Many owners of uninsulated conservatories are forced to retreat to the quieter recesses of their homes in bad weather. An insulated roof will dim the thunderous sounds of rainfall and hail to gentle and soothing pitter-patter.

A reliable space

With insulation keeping the temperature cool or warm as needed a conservatory becomes a space that can be reliably used whatever the climate outside. This will give you the confidence that you can always enjoy your conservatory as a reliable extension of your home. The options are endless with insulation, you may like to use your conservatory as a second reception room to entertain guests, a playroom, a dining room or even a home office.

Exciting enhancements

Add the wow factor to your conservatory with the very latest in roofing technology. You might like to explore the possibilities offered by the Terrazza pure glass patio roof, which combines reliable protection from the elements with a highly innovative design. It also features gorgeous LED lighting features, with a variety of colour options, which will look spectacular as the evenings draw in. Your valuable furniture will be safe from the damaging effects of sun glare with this modern option. It makes a great roofing option for conservatories or for use as a standalone patio awning.

For a truly show-stopping feature consider the outdoor entertaining Pergotex retractable roof. Ideal for those that love to host guests this beautifully designed roof will ensure you are free to dine alfresco on warm, sunny days and balmy evenings.

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To ensure that your conservatory is an asset to your home call Your Choice Home Improvements on 0800 169 4822, to consult one of our trusted conservatory insulation and roofing specialists.

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