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Conservatory Insulation the eco-friendly way!

Did you know that your conservatory is a fantastic way for you to live greener? Insulating your conservatory using eco-friendly methods reduces your energy bills, encourages you to live efficiently and helps you to reclaim your conservatory as a sought-after living space. We’ve outlined the simple steps you can take to insulate your conservatory, without hurting our planet.

Eco-friendly solutions

A disadvantage of a room made predominantly of glass is the ‘sauna-freezer’ effect. Your conservatory is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. An uninsulated conservatory loses heat you don’t want and traps the heat you need. A layer of insulation provides consistent and reasonable temperatures, all year-round.

Depending on your circumstances there are a few easy eco-friendly ways to insulate your conservatory. The first method is installing insulation as an additional layer to your existing ceiling. The insulation layer is called Eco Hybrid Insulation obscures the glass from the inside, helps balance ambient temperature and makes a big difference to your winter energy bills. The second insulation technique is to refurb the outside conservatory roof, as time passes the roofing on your conservatory is prone to weathering making your conservatory less efficient and susceptible to leaks and damage. Using the eco-hybrid external insulation methods your conservatory can become well insulated and resistant against rain, excess noise and UV glare.

Greener living with tiled roofing

If you want to take your conservatory insulation to the next level, install a new solid tiled roof. It’s worth using a different material such as tiling. At first, this may appear as though you are losing the main element of your conservatory: the glass (or polycarbonate) roof. Take a moment to consider everything you will gain. Your conservatory will feel cocooned within the house because a solid roof absorbs more noise.

A reduction in your conservatory’s volume of glass panelling makes your conservatory cooler in summer. The new insulated roof traps warmth inside your conservatory during the colder months. You also lose the glare that glass inevitably brings, making browsing your computer, tablet and other devices easier. A tiled, insulated conservatory roof delivers lower energy bills,  comfortable ambient noise and temperature so that you and your family can make the most of the conservatory.

Little changes, big results

You don’t have to wait before you can start insulating your conservatory. Rugs help absorb ambient noise. Blinds help with a number of niggles such as protecting your conservatory from summer sunshine and containing the heat when the weather turns colder. These small, immediate improvements help comfort levels. However, for significant savings and powerful results, insulation is the way forward.

Whether your conservatory is a contemporary purpose-built model, extension, orangeries or garden room, energy-efficient insulation breathes new life into your home. Make sure you investigate government grants and schemes, encouraging people like you to retrofit energy-efficient solutions to your home.

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