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5 Great Ways To Use A Garden Room!

Garden rooms are an increasingly popular home improvement to add extra space to a home. A handcrafted garden room is the perfect addition to any home and garden and is so flexible that it can be used year-round for any number of purposes to suit your own family’s needs and interests. Here are our top 5 garden room uses:

Home Office

If you already work from home or would like to do so in the future, a garden room is an ideal solution to give you a dedicated space for work away from the rest of the house. A well designed, fully insulated garden room will give you a peaceful and attractive environment to work away from any distractions of family life.

Any work materials can be kept away from the household at large, particularly important if you work with confidential or sensitive information, and at the end of the working day, you can leave the stresses of work behind when you return to the house. A garden room home office is also ideal if you intend to set up your own business to avoid the cost of separate business premises.


A garden room will give you additional space for bulky gym equipment, enabling you to work out without leaving your home or paying for an expensive gym membership. If you enjoy yoga or pilates, a garden room will provide the floor space you need as well as a tranquil setting away from the rest of the house. Having a home gym can help you keep up with your fitness resolutions by making it much easier to fit gym sessions into a busy lifestyle.


Families with children often find that there is insufficient room in the house for their children to play. Children’s toys cause clutter! A garden room can be used as a safe play area for children, with plenty of room for them to store their toys and the ability to flow freely from inside to outside play. Children will enjoy having their own space, too.

Games and media room

If you enjoy cinema and TV, a garden room will make a fabulous home cinema. All of the latest home cinema equipment with surround sound can be installed for the ultimate experience. Gamers will enjoy having a dedicated space to use, and you could even install a pool table.

Art studio, music or sewing room

Many of us are discovering or rediscovering the benefits to wellbeing of taking part in creative activities. A garden room makes an ideal light and airy studio for an artist, with plenty of room to store art supplies, or a perfect area for sewing with space to install a cutting table and store sewing machines and material.

Musicians and families with children learning a musical instrument also find a garden room a vital addition for extra practice space, with the added bonus of being further away from the neighbours! A highly insulated garden room will cut down on noise transmission.

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