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4 ways to create more space for home working

Ah, working from home. Dressed in your pyjamas. Unrestricted access to the biscuit tin. Reality is practical. As every remote worker on this planet discovered recently, working from home has one fundamental criterion: a dedicated workspace. We’ve outlined four of our favourite ways to create more space, joy and productivity working from home.

1. Upgrade your unused conservatory with eco hybrid insulation

Repeat after us: “My unused conservatory holds the workspace I seek”. Eco hybrid insulation offers a plethora of perks for home workers like you looking for a practical workspace. Forget frumpy fibreglass insulation. Eco hybrid materials consist of a futuristic foil shell cloaked in a reflective veneer fitting the existing shape of your roof.

Your conservatory is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Installation is efficient and takes one day to complete. Materials are flame retardant and soundproof. Planning permission is not required. This is a cost-effective investment, with 5% VAT, guaranteed for 10 years. All this and cheaper energy bills too.

2. Treat yourself to a new orangery or conservatory

We define an orangery as a building with a glass section in its (traditionally flat) roof. A conservatory is a glass panelled room with a glazed (traditionally pitched) roof. In other words: would you like your home office with panoramic views of your garden or a chic skylight for excellent Zoom call illuminations?

Many of us are renovating rather than relocating. This clever home renovation simultaneously adds focussed workspace and value to your property. An impressive range of designs caters for everyone. Planning permission isn’t needed. Installation is efficient and materials are eco-friendly.

3. Garden room home office

Speedier than an extension and separated from the main household, the garden room home office is a wonderful home workspace solution. The garden room is a contemporary reboot of its ramshackle relative, the garden shed. You can design your own garden room home office for a bespoke solution to your needs.

A home office separated from the house is ideal to maintain that tricky work-life balance. A great option for jobs featuring collaborative colleagues and clients. Home and business function independently, and you keep your sanity. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to have a productive workspace tucked away in the garden, remember: it worked for Roald Dahl.

4. Loft conversion

A loft conversion is usually cheaper than other home extensions and often completed faster too. You most likely won’t require planning permission and the renovations won’t eat into the size of your garden. Perfect for remote work, a loft conversion gives you an upstairs workspace for a focussed time at your desk.

Nationwide’s recent research reveals a loft conversion adds approximately 22% to your property’s value (based on your property is a standard one bathroom, three-bedroom home). Research your area and property to see what percentage you can expect to receive. There is a range of loft conversion options. These include the basic conversion, also called a roof conversion, ideal for a no-frills workspace on a budget. Pricier options include a Mansard loft conversion.

Working from home is a balance of cast iron discipline and light-hearted flexibility. Hopefully, our fab four favourites have inspired a few ideas. Good luck!

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