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4 Reasons why you should renovate while you isolate!

We are all spending more time than ever before at home, due to the current Covid-19 situation, this has left many people with a bit of cabin fever. At Your Choice Home Improvements, we want to ensure that you can still renovate your home while you isolate. Take a look at our top four reasons why you should.

More space for a growing family

We all know that having a small home and a growing family isn’t always ideal.  A more cost-effective way to give you more room in the home without making a big decision to move during this uncertain time is to have a  conservatory built. This is a great way to add an extra room to your home and usually doesn’t require planning permission.

A dedicated place to work

With everyone at home including the children, it can be hard on those, especially if you are working from home. Having a dedicated area that you can use if you need to work from home is key to ensuring work productivity. A conservatory or orangery would be the perfect way to ensure a suitable place to work from home. With natural light to flood the room and make the space feel open and airy.

Be social with each other when you are all home

Although we are all home and together, sitting in front of the tv, laptops or our phones all day doesn’t count as social interaction. Add more space to you home with an extension for a communal dining space that isn’t in the living room. Mealtimes are an important part of any culture and sitting around a table without the tv is a great way to ensure you can keep a closer family bond.

Pursue your hobbies

We all know that some hobbies can take up a lot of room and before you know it, it’s taken over the whole house. Now that we have a bit more time at home you are probably trying to do more of what you love, whether that be baking, woodworking or crafting. Whatever your hobby is why not have your own space with an extension or a garden room! A space dedicated to these projects will help your creativity flow without the nagging reminder that your house is turning into a big storage unit for all of your supplies.

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