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2021 home improvement trends to consider

Many homeowners who have to spend a lot of their day at home, either working or studying, might be considering re-configuring their interior living spaces to accommodate what may become a more permanent lifestyle in 2021.

This could mean allocating individual areas around the home for work or study, or rejuvenating outdoor areas for some extra space and getting that regular dose of sunshine. So with all that in mind, here are some home improvement trends that we think many homeowners might be considering in 2021.

Indoor spaces


white and oak kitchen

One of the difficulties of working or studying at home is finding a quiet space to sit and concentrate while you get on with your work. Even WiFi reception can be difficult, which might even mean using a corner of their child’s bedroom, just because the internet happens to be more reliable in that corner. Perhaps perching on a stool at the kitchen counter while balancing a laptop in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other is the only option. A recipe for disaster in anyone’s books.

So we think that redefining indoor spaces around the home will be the way forward in 2021. Homeowners will want to make better use of areas that could be easily reassigned as a private work or study area. Some homes have a small box room, for example, which could be easily be used as an office or study. And what about that underused space under the stairs? There are many ways to convert it into a study or office area.

Outdoor spaces

white orangery

We think 2021 will also be the year when homeowners invest in their gardens. They will be considering revitalising their outdoor areas, which could be a huge benefit for many families. So instead of sheltering from blustery winds behind a garden fence, homeowners might start thinking about the possibility of installing a conservatory or an orangery, which would not only enlarge their indoor space but also provide a welcoming place to relax at the end of the day, while not being subjected to the changeable British weather.

But if financing a new conservatory is not in the household budget at the moment, we think some homeowners might consider installing new windows or even patio doors to bring the light and the outside in.

Alternatively, you can look into our finance options that help you achieve your home improvements in a way that allows you to spread the cost over a set period of time.

Interior design
ultraframe conservatory


In 2021, as more people work and study from home, there is no doubt there will be more of an interest taken in home and interior design. And as homeowners redecorate their homes they will also be thinking about investing in some comfortable office furniture to make the most of their interior space and give their home office an inviting professional appeal too.

As lifestyles change, and homeowners reconsider how they will be using their homes, we think many will be considering reallocating and redesigning internal spaces, installing conservatories or fitting new windows or patio doors. This is the way we think homeowners will get the most out of their homes and gardens in 2021.

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