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We are proud members of all the above trusted vetting websites. As well as a member of DGCOS ombudsmen scheme that offers an independent 10 Year Guarantee. Make the right choice – Your Choice!

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We’ve been a member since 2017 with 94% positive feedback! Find us by searching Your Choice Home Improvements (Manchester).

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Your Choice Home Improvements of Manchester

This note is to confirm that Your Choice Home Improvements is a trading style of Hargreaves Building services LTD based in Middleton Manchester, and are not connected in any way to any other companies with similar-sounding names.

Weinor Glassoasen

Weinor Manufacturer

We were blown away by the high-quality German engineering at the Weinor Factory based in Cologne. Each Weinor structure is bespoke made to your specifications.

Your Choice New Branding on Vans

NEW Branding Vans

Look out for our vans on the road! Your Choice Home Improvements of Manchester. You can’t miss us!

Old House New Home

Old House New Home

We’re excited to have contributed to the fantastic team effort on Channel 4’s Old House new home. We provided the stunning windows & doors for our fantastic customers the Frain-Walker Family.

Head Office (North)

Head Office (South)

Housing Units

Head Office

Housing Units